Procedure For Appeals

4.1.1 Objectives

Basic intent of this procedure is to establish a guideline for receive, evaluate and make decisions on appeals at Dymer India Certifications Pvt. Ltd.

4.1.2 General

The Dymer India Certifications Pvt. Ltd. has incorporated the communication method for acknowledge receipt of the appeals and providing the appellant with progress reports and the outcome.

The decision to communicate to the appellant made by, or reviewed and approved by, individuals(s) not previously involved in the subject of the appeal.

4.1.3 Responsibility

An Administrative manager is appointed to handling Appeal handling, because he has no active part in the certification or audit activities.

4.2 Receiving

Any appeal received at Dymer India Certifications Pvt. Ltd. will be received by the Administrative Manager who will record the same into Appeal register; access to these Documents is restricted to the administrative manager only. In his absence deputy administrative manager can receive and assess to the appeal documents. Acknowledgement of the appeal shall be given to the appellant without any delay after submission of appeal.

4.3 Appeal Handling Process

4.3.1 Investigation

The Technical Advisory Committee is formatted for the investigation of the appeals received at Dymer India Certifications Pvt. Ltd. . After the proper investigation the report shall be submitted by the committee to the Administrative manger. Managing director approves the decision of what actions to be taken in response to it. It is ensured that the person involved in appeal handling process is having no involvement in audit or certification decision. The committee has to investigate the root cause of the conflict which cited the applicant for appeals. The committee has to submit the report of investigation within the fifteen working days before the Managing Director.

4.3.2 Tracking and Recording

After the investigation is completed a meeting is called upon for decision or action in response to the appeal. The decision of what actions to be taken in response appeal investigation shall be recorded by the Administrative Manager. Reference of previous same appeals can be taken to take the proper decision on the appeal. The decision reviewed, approved or made the individual not previously involve in the subject of the appellant.

The actions decided shall be incorporated within the agreed time frame and the responsibility of the actions shall be clearly indicating the responsible person to carry out the same.

Administrative manger shall ensure that the correction, corrective action is taken by the concern person and record of the same shall be maintained.

4.4 Decision and actions

The Dymer India Certifications Pvt. Ltd. shall be responsible for all decision at all levels of the appeals handling Process. The decision taken by the administrative officer in consultation with the Technical committee is brought in the review meeting in front of the Managing Director for approval. The appropriate actions suggested for after investigation on the appeal are noted and Administrative manger ensures that the corrections and corrective and preventive actions are taken by the concern department or person.

4.4 Communications to appellant

Progress of the appeal handling process shall be conveyed to the appellant through progress report. The administrative manger will inform outcome of the appeal handling process after end to the appellant in the written form that the appeal process is ended up and the result shall be conveyed to him.

Certification Director

Appeal Form

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