If organizations carry out, commission or buy market research, demonstrating best practice is a powerful driver to potential clients, consumers and competitors. ISO 20252 market, opinion, social research, vocabulary and service requirements is the new international standard that unites and supersedes existing national standards and sets a common level of quality for market research globally. It establishes the terms and definitions as well as the service requirements for organizations and professionals conducting market opinion and social research, especially when operating on an international scale. Cultural, social and behavioral differences between countries make international research very difficult. The implementation and certification of a quality management system based on ISO 20252 enable organizations to regulate these differences and carry out cross-border, multi-country research studies with the assurance that working procedures are compatible. Who is it relevant to? It is suitable for any organization that undertakes research, both nationally and internationally. The most common business sectors implementing and certifying to the standard tend to be in healthcare, automotive, finance, media and social research. Benefits A quality management system for market researchers based on ISO 20252 provides a number of benefits for organizations commissioning, buying and carrying out market research and opinion polls. Maximizing revenue by gaining worldwide market access overcoming barriers to trade.