Code of Ethical Practices

Our principles of ethical standards are guided by the following core values:

1) Integrity in our decisions and actions
2) Competency in our skills and professions
3) Value in our economic contributions to employers
4) Responsibility in our social contributions to Society.

Based on the above principles, the ethical standards for our members’ professional conduct and business practices are as follows:

1) Avoid behaviors or actions that may have an adverse effect or influence on management decisions.
2) Avoid conflicts of interest or reciprocal agreements, which may conflict with the lawful interests of employers.
3) Act with propriety in all ways in the conduct of your professional activities.
4) Protect the confidentiality and proprietary information of employers and business associates, and avoid the use of such information for personal benefit.
5) Practice continuing professional development to enhance skills and capabilities.
6) Exercise due diligence and reasonable care within the limits of your authority to deliver value to your employer.
7) Comply and abide by all applicable laws and regulations relating to your professional conduct and work practices.
8) Embrace social responsibility and sustainability practices in the work environment.