ISO 28000 International Standard specifies Security Management System requirements to deal with Aspects of Security Management including those Critical to the Security of Supply Chain.

ISO 28000 establishes a formal approach to security management in organizations those are into Supply Chain that will protect people, goods, infrastructure, equipment and transportation against risk and other potential risk situations. This enable to enhance the business capability and credibility of the organizations in Supply Chain. It is specifically designed to deal with all activities controlled or influenced by organizations that impact Supply Chain Security.

Organizations those demonstrate the control to protect security of supply chain in compliance against ISO 28000, the certificate of Security Management System for Supply Chain Adherence are issued by DYMER INDIA worldwide.

ISO 28000 Standard Certification by DYMER INDIA indicates organization's adherence to Security of Supply Chain practices and as a truly Auditing Firm offers Value Auditing Services in Risk and Security Management Auditing. Auditing Services of DYMER INDIA are designed to meet Global Standards that deliver Credibility in Certification. To achieve this objective, professionally trained auditors are deputed to identify 'Opportunities for Improvements' in ISO 31000 Security Risk Management Certification in Supply Chain.

Recognition of Certification for Security Management in Supply Chain as per ISO 28000 Certified Clients are recorded on DYMER INDIA Website and details shall be accessed through 'Client Zone' on Dymer India.

ISO 28000 Certification Provides Following Benefits

  • Is applicable to organization of any size, operating in any field, at any stage of supply chain.
  • Helps establish, implement, maintain and improve a security management system.
  • Helps to get certification/registration of security management system by an Credible certification body or make a self-assessment and self-declaration of conformance.
  • Provides a framework for management review, corrective actions and continual improvement.