Credibility, Confidence, Commitment, Competitive

Dymer India Objective Is To Continuously Improve With Utilization Of Its Personnel, Experience To The Fullest To Offer World-Class Services. Knowledge & Set Of Values Gathered From Wide International Network Is Partnered With Client To Deliver Value Added Services. Our Corporate Objectives Have Guided Us In The Conduct Of Our Business Professionally.

Dymer India Has Striven To Be Among The World's Leading Registrar Generating Developments In International Standards.

DYMER INDIA is committed to:

  1. Anticipate, Understand And Fulfill The Expectations And Needs Of Clients;
  2. Offer Responsive, Accurate, Timely And Customer Focused Services;
  3. Offer Services With World-Wide Coverage As "One Stop Shop" For Certification & Related Activities;
  4. Ensure That Activities Are Performed With Best Of Abilities In Line With Dymer India Policies, Procedures And Accreditation Criteria;
  5. Build, Ensure And Maintain World-Class Management System To Offer Highest Quality Of Services;
  6. Offer Services, Which Are Independent, Impartial, Fair, Cost Competitive And Of High Integrity;
  7. Develop Leaders Through Our Trainings Who Are Accountable For Achieving Business Results And Exemplifying Values;
  8. Provide Employees With A Satisfying And Rewarding Work Environment;
  9. Dymer India Believes In Practitioner’s Approach Of People To Deliver Services.

Our Vision

  1. Dominate Market Leader
  2. Extension in diversified portfolio.
  3. Expansion in visibility of Dymer India
  4. Increase World Class Customer.
  5. Dymer India a Conglomerate.

Goals & Objectives

  • • To establish objective metrics and processes for assessing occupational competence that are internationally accepted for identification, codification and validation of skills and competencies in a variety of occupations.
  • • To provide opportunity for individuals to seek a desired DYMER Credential Award with credible authentication and documentation of their skills, competencies and professional practices.
  • • To provide opportunity for organizations to seek accreditation of their courses so that graduates of their courses can be eligible for the Certified Credential Awards granted by DYMER .
  • • To provide maximum certification value at affordable rates to the global workforce.
  • • To provide employers with validated information to assist in the hiring process.
  • • To increase marketplace awareness and acceptance of Dymer Credential Awards based on the assessed criteria of an individual’s skills, competencies and professional practices.
  • • To respond quickly to evolving market forces and constantly review the changes in occupational competency requirements of the global marketplace.