Maintenance of occupational health and safety has important human aspect, which presents the ethics and social level of the organization . Increasing of safety and occupational health has important economic meaning because solving of questions related to occupational and health safety management system, with creation of favorable working conditions and working relations brings optimization of a working process with positive economic effect.

Implementation and certification of Occupational Health and Safety brings advantages in many ways

Economic Advantages

  • Higher productivity and quality of work
  • Mineralization of fees and penalties in occupational health and safety performance

Relations With Employees

  • Improvement of working conditions for workers
  • Increasing of satisfaction and loyalty of workers

Advantages for Organization Management

  • A tool for information obtaining needed for planning and objectives establishment
  • Mineralization of accidents risks and occupational diseases

The co-operation result of several accreditation and certification organization s all over the world is creation of International Standard BS OHSAS 18001 – Occupational health and safety management systems. Requirements.

The standard OHSAS is effective/applicable for each organization , which intends to certify its OH&S management system. A certified organization is qualified to use a certification mark for certified scopes.