About Dymer India

Dymer India is an Indian Certification Body based in Nashik (India).

Its core business is certification of management systems according to several international standards Through its services Dymer India fulfills its mission “We Defined Quality !”

Dymer India differs from other certification bodies mainly by pragmatic approach to an audit without emphasis on bureaucracy. A quality management system which Dymer India requires from its clients is established also in Dymer India .Dymer India audit gives added value to the client not only by examining the compliance with the standard requirements but also by suggesting opportunities for improvement of the management system. Dymer India auditors are people who worked as quality managers or consultants in the past – they are able to understand certification audits from the auditee point of view. It enables them to conduct audits in correct and pragmatic way Dymer India follows all requirements and obligations under international accreditation and carries business honestly and ethically, without the use of unfair practices. Dymer India provides high level of services for favorable prices (for a price calculation please completes “Application of Quotation”). Throughout its performance Dymer India has certified lots of clients of different sizes and certification scopes.

Basic Values

Dymer India Certification body is impartial, it manages possible conflicts of interests and assures objectiveness during activities related to certification.


We cover credibility.


Certification Body with worldwide activities and acceptance. To fulfill mission and achieve vision management of Dymer India sets this

Quality Policy

1) Audit Realization – Pragmatic Approach, Suggestions for Improvement, Independence
2) Auditors – Expertness, Education, Motivation
3) Customer Relation – Flexibility, Face-to-Face Contact, Partnership
4) Consultants Relation – Fair, Co-Operation
5) Our QMS – Utility, Improvement
6) International Activities – Network of Foreign Partners
7) Development and Stability – Product Innovation, Diversification

Pragmatic Audits

All our auditors are quality managers or consultants, they know certification audits from the auditee position, it enables to imagine to be in the auditee position & to perform objective & correct audits.

Not Only Auditors

Except auditors (who know the standard of an audited management system) we send also specialists from audited scopes (people from actual practice) to audits sdfsdf dsaf sdfsdfasd sadfsadf sadf sdf

Flexible & Fast

We are flexible and fast (in arranging of dates, establishment of audits records, in certificates issuing and their delivery, solving of problems –you can do everything if you want to)