ISO 16602:2007 founds minimum performance classification and labelling necessities for protecting clothing designed to provide safety against chemicals. Protective clothing items protected by ISO 16602:2007 include, but may not be limited to, absolutely encapsulating suits, liquid-tight or spray-tight suits, sleeves, coveralls, shoe and boot, smocks, aprons, jackets, hoods, and trousers covers.

Chemical protective clothing for protection against airborne particles is addressed by ISO 13982-1, which is referenced in ISO 16602:2007. ISO 16602:2007 does not address safety against solid chemicals in forms other than airborne solid particulates.

ISO 16602:2007 is proposed to deliver chemical protective clothing manufacturers with minimum necessities for testing, classifying, and labelling chemical protective clothing. To assist the users of products covered under ISO 16602:2007, this document provides explanations of referenced test methods, guidelines for conducting hazard and risk assessments and suggested performance levels for certain applications. It is not the intent of ISO 16602:2007 to address every circumstances.